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New ideas and imagination are always welcome as well at home as at school. You enjoy yourself while you work and your children develop their imagination and learn quickly in a pleasant way.

You can invent a poem or song for each new event. Children like breaking the daily routine. Poems or songs can be followed by corporal movements, a choreography or a dance to perform in a festival, for example.

When Easter, for example, you can adapt the music of a traditional song  and change the words. The difficulty depends on your children’s level. Then, you invent a choreography and  perform it for someone. The effect could be like that:

Easter rabbit.

Easter rabbit.

Where are you?

Where are you?

Bring us eggs for Easter.

Bring us joy for Easter.

Never stop.

Never stop.

26/04/2008 13:01 Pilar Bellés Pitarch #. sin tema

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